What is, Kombucha?

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What is Kombucha?

Kombucha is a fermented cold tea, brewed since ancient times and consumed since. It supposedly dates back to north-east China 220 B.C. where it first started to be consumed.

The initial sugary black or green tea is transformed into a healthy, probiotic, amino-acid rich drink. The sugar is, depending on the stage or brewing, fully converted where only healthy aspects of the drink remain.

How is that possible? With the help of a Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY). This culture is able to consume the sugars and tea in between 2 – 4 weeks into a cold fermented drink that we know as Kombucha.

Ok, so what is a SCOBY exactly?

The Symbiotic Culture Of Bacteria and Yeast (SCOBY) is the star of this process. It is a culture of which the bacteria and yeast flow together as one entity if you like that is super-efficient in consuming sugar and tea and transforming these! It eats suger as to say an leaves us with the good and healthy stuff!

What an amazing process right?

It is a thick 0,5 to 1 cm thick round disk that is the shape of the pot you are creating the Kombucha in. It is slimey, glibly and slippery disk, like a pancake. Some refer to it as a disk shaped kombucha mushroom.

By adding organic and fairtrade black or green tea, organic and fairtrade cane sugar, filtered water and a little bit of pure kombucha starter liquid together with the SCOBY, you set this system up to generate Kombucha as the end product. Pure kombucha, not the soda’s you can buy in the supermarket labeled Kombucha.

Each time you set up the exact ingredients up to create this in the most perfect way possible, a new scoby will grow, so it grows new SCOBY’s! Amazed writing this down, still…

“Kombucha tastes amazing and is healthy too! That's why we drink it every single day and started making it to share with the world.”

― Robin & Liza

Hmm, so what are the benefits of Kombucha?

The biggest one is health because Kombucha is packed with probiotics, healthy acids, anti-oxidants and healthy strains of yeast. Probiotics and healthy acids are in turn really good for your overall gut health and microbiome.

Kombucha has been proven to be good for de-bloating, lowering cholesterol, reducing heart related issues and help with a healthy immune system. Besides this Kombucha consists of multiple B Vitamins.

What make Cultures of Light Kombucha different?

Cultures of Light Kombucha is Pure, a raw concentrate of 100% Kombucha! No additives and undiluted. As it is, as it should.

Most brands out there have diluted Kombucha soda’s with a very small dose of Kombucha diluted with water or sparkling water. And that is fine, because that is what we recommend too. What is different is that you can create your own taste by adding nothing to your Cultures of Light Kombucha, a little bit or a lot, whatever suits your taste!

When you use a ratio of 1-part kombucha vs 4 parts of sparkling water, you get a nice tasting kombucha soda that has a fresh taste like no others. We felt sad this is not the case with most brands out there selling kombucha soda’s (often titled kombucha which it is not, as kombucha is the pure liquid resulting from the fermentation and these are diluted soda drinks). So we decided to sell raw, pure kombucha extract to let you do the mixing yourself, have a better tasting kombucha that sits way below the serving price of most commercial brands out there.

Our price per serving at a 1:5 ratio pure kombucha : sparkling water = €0,99 when you buy a 0,5L bottle and €0,90 when you buy a 1L bottle.

So what ingredients are in our Kombucha?

  • Organic and Fairtrade cane sugar (which is transformed by fermentation)
  • Organic and Fairtrade Darjeeling black tea (first flush and called the Champage of black teas)
  • Filtered water
  • Live active cultures

Organic Produce

Using only organic products for our brews and cultures.

Fair Trade

We believe in Fair Trade products, respect for farmers.

Home Brewed

Home Brewed cultures of light straight from the attic of bliss.

Live Cultures

Pure booche with live cultures still present in the bottle.

Love & Passion

Made with a lot of love and passion for the booche.


– Put raw unfiltered Cultures of Light Kombucha in a glass and fill up with sparkling water (ratio 1:4 parts).

– Flavor with ginger, fruits, berries, elderflower or whatever tickles your fancy!


– May contain trace amounts of alcohol (0-0.3%) due to the natural brewing process.

– Contains reduced amount of caffeine due to use of organic Darjeeling black tea. The level of caffeine for 1 serving would be approximately the same as cup of green tea.

– Most sugars are fermented or can be further fermented to preferred taste by keeping Kombucha uncooled. Cooled Kombucha can be stored up to 2 months and will very (very) slowly ferment over time. Best to consume cooled kombucha within 1,5 months

– This product is vegan, Fairtrade, organic and RAW. The strains are live cultures and healthy to consume. This product is not a Kombucha soda like you can buy in many stores, this is a concentrate of raw, undiluted Kombucha.

– There is no gluten, no lactose, no GMO’s in our Kombucha.

Cultures of Light Kombucha

Home-made with passion by Robin & Liza

Who makes this golden nectar you might ask?

Cultures of Light Kombucha is home brewed by us, Robin & Liza. We have found a deep passion and respect for this drink, so much that we felt from deep within us, this needs to be shared with the world. why? because it taste damn good and is super healthy for your body.

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We’ve brewed a healing beverage that will help heal the gut, boost your immune system and so much more…
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