Cultures of Light Kombucha.

Organic, fairtrade and home brewed Kombucha made with filtered water and live Scoby.
Pure and raw 100% Kombucha with no additives and undiluted. As it is, as it should.
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Cultures of Light

Home brewed Kombucha goodness.

Presenting you fully organic & fair trade home brewed Kombucha. Brewed with love, passion and deep respect for the healing Scoby. Only pure products are used in the process like filtered water, first flush Darjeeling black tea and raw cane sugar. All fair trade, all organic, as it should.

Aiming for the natural fizz, the pinnacle experience of drinking Kombucha. Finding that perfect sweet/sour spot where health and joy blend into one. Keeping it pure to honor the culture, sometimes enriching with cinnamon bark.

The live culture is present in each bottle, nothing added, nothing extracted. Just as it is: Cultures of Light Kombucha.. yum yum it’s so good!

Organic Produce

Using only organic products for our brews and cultures.

Fair Trade

We believe in Fair Trade products, respect for farmers.

Home Brewed

Home Brewed cultures of light straight from the attic of bliss.

Live Cultures

Pure booche with live cultures still present in the bottle.

Love & Passion

Made with a lot of love and passion for the booche.

We Love What We Make

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We’ve brewed a healing beverage that will help heal the gut, boost your immune system and so much more…
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