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We're Robin & Liza,
Bringing you Cultures of Light

We’ve started brewing kombucha about 6 years ago and feel happy to share with you our story and why we have such a passion for this healing drink! Read more below…

What about us?

Who are the Cultures of Light Kombucha brewers? You might be asking… Well, we are Robin & Liza, living currently in the Netherlands (also our country of birth).

We got into brewing Kombucha through our good friend Helen who is a massage therapist and energy healer. She got in touch with one or her clients who brought her a Scoby and some starter liquid to get this party started.

Helen followed her instructions and started brewing this beverage. She shared some kombucha with us and mainly the healing story of this amazing drink and we were instantly sold!

We both have a big passion for healing, self-development, leading a happy, balanced life and we believe that what you eat and drink is of big influence to this.

Balance, health & Kombucha

Besides the emotional, mental and spiritual healing we all need to become a holistically balanced person, the physical healing is very much a part of this.

We find our balance in the practice of Taoism and mainly Tai Chi & Chi Kung as a daily practice. We are both graduate Rainbow Tai Chi Teachers and, in this setting, we used to live in the UK for 3.5 years.

And in this setting, learning from our Tai Chi Master Choy together with Helen and many other friends and colleagues we found out about Kombucha.

So when Helen let us taste this goodness and shared what her client had shared with her and how it is a system of sharing Scoby’s to let other people create their own Kombucha, we did not think twice and straight away started brewing… 1 pot, 2 pots, 4 pots.. enough so we could drink it every day! Cause it’s so good! And so healthy.

From brewing to pause to brewing again

Rarely have I encountered something tasting so rich to be so healthy and good for my body.

After finishing our study and brewing just for ourselves we went on another world travel, this time Liza and I together (you probably get by now that we’re together), we came back and found my father got himself a Scoby from his friends and this was a sign for us to immediately start brewing again.

The effortless way of Tai Chi came around and dropped us a Scoby in our laps, lots of them!

A great chance

At the same time, other friends of ours started up a healthy food truck business and heard from us that we started brewing again from home. We joked about selling our Kombucha in the food truck, but this idea stuck and we just started.

This worked out very well and people loved it! This got both Liza and I so excited that we kept brewing more and more… the food truck became a restaurant, other business wanted Kombucha too and now we are where we are.

We have some great places where we sell our Kombucha, which we are very proud of and which makes us very happy! We’ll keep brewing this healing, happy beverage for all people looking for something nice, good and healthy!

In a world of gigantic cooperation’s making unhealthy drinks, we believe Cultures of Light Kombucha is a very welcome and needed contributor.

We’ve brewed a healing beverage that will help heal the gut, boost your immune system and so much more…
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